Store Holiday

We are closed Mon 20 Jan to Mon 27 Jan 2020.
We are going on holiday.
We won’t be contactable.
Pick up wont be possible.
You can still buy online!
Normal operation resumes 9am Tue 28 Jan.

We aim to be the best online shop in NZ for fishing kayaks. We also do recreational and touring kayaks.

Call us on 03 669 2025 (11am to 6pm weekdays).

Email us at sales@dreamkayaks.co.nz

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“Dream Kayaks Limited” is a registered business in New Zealand since 2014.

Our Warehouse:

  • Christchurch: Located in Hornby. Open 9-4 weekdays. Address available once purchase made and pick up appointment booked. No viewing is possible.

Appointment required before collection.

If you’re after a kayak, we’re here to help! So give us a call or email or jump on our facebook page here.

Also – check out our blog, with heaps of awesome kayak fishing tips, right here [opens in a new window].

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  1. Hi was wondering if you ship the dream catcher 3 to Auckland ? And I would like to put a 1.5hp 4 stroke engine on one, would that be ok ?
    For sea use, calm ish water

    1. HI David
      Sorry we dont have a freight company that will take them to Auckland at a decent price. Electric trolling motor is best. Thanks! Rusty

  2. Hi David,
    I haven’t found a freight company that gets this kayak to Auckland at a reasonable price. Still looking. If you knew one you could arrange it on your side.
    Motor -wise Ive never heard of anyone putting a petrol motor on a small kayak. A lot to consider there. Like total weight and how to attach it to the kayak securely.
    Maybe give us a call between 12 and 5 to discuss?

  3. Hi Guys
    Found you on trade me but I missed Santa so was hoping if I order through the website I can still get the forest Dreamcatcher3? If it can be guaranteed before xmas I’ll place the order and yes we’ve been very good!


    1. Hey the Gavsta! NExt shipment will absolutely be ready by xmas. We’re expecting it to be ready for collection around 5th Dec. You can pre-order here. Any questions maybe email us at sales@dreamkayaks.co.nz Ciao! Santa

  4. Can I come and see the dream catcher 3 at the warehouse.

    1. Hi Will
      Sorry viewing is not possible because the warehouse is a 3rd party and is only a distribution centre. No sales there. One day we’ll get a shop of our own but not there yet. There are heaps of photos and videos online and on our Australian website too http://www.dreamkayaks.com.au Thanks! Rusty

  5. Hi there, do you have an estimated date on the shipping for the next order in January I just missed out on getting two kayaks and we were hoping to have them for our holiday.

    1. Yes approx 5 Jan. More info in coming weeks. Thanks! Rusty

  6. Hi, I’d like to order a replacement propeller for my pedal kayak. I was told via facebook messenger that you do sell them, and can ship to Auckland, but I can’t find them on this site. Do you have them in stock in NZ, and how can I order one please?


  7. Hi

    I live in christchurch, just wondering if we buy 2x kayaks online how soon will it be processed and be ready for pick up in hornby? And what is the pick up address.


  8. Can you make Afterpay available for NZ as well please. We have it here now across many retail outlets.

    1. Hi there, I’ll look into it. In the meantime we do do lay-by. Rusty

  9. hi there,
    do you have aluminiumhigh seat which can fit on my prowler 13?

    1. Sorry no idea. We have two raised seats and can send dims if you want so you can measure it yp? Rusty

  10. Hello,

    when would you be able to get the Siren XL kayak in stock please? Also, some companies offer a installation service for fish finders and running rigs for anchors – is this something that you provide aswell?

    Also, is it safe to assume the lay-buy conditions are $100 minimum a week? If so, would I be required to pay a storage fee if I was waiting on your company to ship it to the North Island?

    1. wont be for a few months. Sorry! Maybe March. Rusty

      1. and the laybuy conditions??

  11. do you guys do installs for finders and anchor trolleys? A

    1. No sorry! But we have detailed instructions. Check out our blog http://www.brisbanekayaks.com.au

  12. Hi was wanting to know if a viewing time would be possible before committing to buying a kayak
    was looking at a dream catcher 3

    Thank you

    1. Hi Cory sorry for the late reply – best to call or email us or facebook message us for a quick reply. No sorry viewing isnt possible – but there are loads of great pics and videos online! Rusty

  13. Hi,

    Where can I go to view these in Christchurch.


    1. Hi Darren – best if you email us at sales@dreamkayaks.co.nz The warehouse is in Hornby. Which kayak did you want to view? If you let me know a rough time you’d like to see one I can hook it up for you- thanks, Rusty

  14. hi, looking at grabbing one of the beasts. What’s the main difference between that & the gremlin? Can a small electric trolling motor be mounted to this?
    I’m in Christchurch, do you have a shop/showroom to view?


    1. nothing in stock until 2022 sorry

  15. Hi There,
    will you have a new shipment of the Dream Catcher 3 arrive before Christmas ?

    1. no sorry not until next year

  16. Can you quote delivery for 2 and 4 dreamcatcher 3 to Collingwood, Tasman please?

    1. nothing in stock until 2022 sorry

  17. Hi. You guys don’t seem to respond to questions on either Facebook or your email address. This does not exactly inspire me with confidence to purchase from you.

    1. we are hibernating for the rest of the year. Sorry for being non communicative. We have no kayaks in stock but do have parts and trolleys . Rusty

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