Siren Pedal Kayak Christchurch

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Siren Pedal Kayak Christchurch



Astro Pedal Drive

This is a pedal drive technology that has stood the test of time.

No batteries, no motor, no paddle. Like riding a bike, but you can go backwards! Just pedal in the reverse direction. When that monster Jack bites you can kick into reverse with explosive speed.

Pedaling is simply a better way to get about. Less tiring, and you can go quite a lot faster, and further. You can kick into reverse much faster, you can stay in one spot in a strong current fishing a hole a million times easier than with a paddle yak. And you’ve always got at least one hand free.

Astro Pedal Drive
The pedal drive is the ‘Astro’ unit. It is a gear and shaft based system that has a proven track record and is extremely robust.
Astro Kayak Pedal Drive


  • 316cm long
  • 86cm wide
  • Naked weight: 32kg (includes rudder and all fittings; no seat, not paddle. Many retailers lie about kayak weight. We do not.)

Custom pedal unit between legs.


  • Siren Kayak
  • ‘Astro’ Pedal unit
  • Raised aluminium framed seat (adjustable to get perfect distance from pedals)
  • Paddle


  • Three (3) flush-mount rod holders
  • Hand rudder control – left hand side
  • Two (2) drill boards to attach accessories
  • plastic tray to cover opening for pedal unit
  • space under seat for storage
  • 8 inch round hatch behind seat
  • storage well behind seat
  • paddler keeper on right hand side


  • Christchurch Warehouse Only.
  • Delivery NZ-Wide (charges apply)


The unit comes with a 5 year warranty on the hull and a 2 year warranty on the pedal unit. After the two years if you needed a pedal unit we would supply it one replacement unit at a steep discount – around $420.

If you take care of your kayak it will last a long time. We’ve given you some advice below to help make sure you get years of enjoyment out of your kayak. Not following these instructions voids your warranty.

Essential Kayak Care

After each use:

  • rinse the kayak with fresh water focusing on metal parts
  • dry the kayak by wiping it down or leaving it in a well-ventilated dry spot for a few hours

Storing the kayak:

  • keep it in the shade and out of direct sunlight
  • keep storage temperatures less than 35 degrees celcius
  • do not place other items that weigh more than 5kg in total on top of or resting against the kayak.
  • Never store the kayak on a trolley or cart

Transporting the kayak:

  • Kayaks must be tied down firmly to the vehicle, but using powerful ratchet straps and over-tightening them can lead to kayak damage, especially in warmer weather conditions. Avoid this. We recommend cam-buckle straps rated to at least 200kg for tying down kayaks during transportation.
  • When pulling a kayak using a kayak trolley or cart do not exceed the suggested load capacity of kayak trolley or cart shown on the product webpage.
  • Be sure to set up trolleys or carts in the correct way as shown on the product webpage.
  • Protect the kayak from hard edges, bumps, etc on roof racks, ute trays, etc, by laying down carpet, rubber, thick cardboard, or some other protective sheeting between the kayak and the hard edges or bumps.
  • Remove the straps from the kayak after transportation is finished. Leaving the kayak tied down very firmly to the vehicle for extended periods can result in damage and disfiguration, especially in warmer weather. Avoid this.
  • Do not drag the kayak over hard ground including but not limited to asphalt, rocks, gravel, concrete, rocky ground, etc.

General use

  • Do not drop the kayak
  • Do not scrape the kayak on oysters, rocks, concrete or any sharp or hard objects
  • Do not sit in or stand on the kayak unless it is on water deep enough that it isn’t touching ground.



Explanation of the hull of the Siren

The Siren on the Water

Siren Pedal Kayak in Ocean Camo

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 315 × 86 × 35 cm

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