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Siren Pedal Kayak NZ

Siren Pedal Kayak NZ

Siren Pedal Kayak New Zealand

The Siren is our new pedal kayak now available in New Zealand, out of our Christchurch warehouse.

If you’re fishing – a pedal kayak is far better than a paddle kayak because it leaves your hands free to control your rod and have a decent job at catching some fish!

Check out our range here.

4 thoughts on “Siren Pedal Kayak NZ

  1. Hi, I am interested in maybe purchasing a Siren kayak ,but with the new pedal drive unit out of Christchurch when would they be available and at what price.
    Regards Larry.

    1. Hi Larry- The one currently in Christchurch is the old one, the Astro drive, which is better than the new one. The only reason we changed in Aus was because Native Watercraft got a patent for that product. They dont have a patent in NZ so we can sell the good one there. Thanks!

  2. Hi there do you have any pedal kayaks available at present…

    1. no nothing in stock until 2022 sorry

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